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07 November 2014

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Ultimate NES Remix on the 3DS features select challenges from the Wii U's NES Remix and NES Remix 2 games. The included mini-game challenges mix up popular levels and characters from 16 of the Nintendo Entertainment System's classic 8-bit games. The Legend of Zelda's Link will face off against Donkey Kong in one challenge while Princess Peach can attempt to rescue herself in another. A Championship Mode tests players skills in Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, and Dr. Mario mash-ups. Show off your high scores by connecting to the game's online leaderboards.

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'Ultimate NES Remix' on the 3DS contains over 16 of the finest classic 8-bit games and over 75 challenges delivered on a portable handheld device, the game was developed by Nintendo and also published by Nintendo.

The guys at Nintendo are as good at making new franchises as they are pulling them together in order to have them all soak up one screen together. We only need to look at titles like 'WarioWare' or 'Super Smash Bros' to see how much the company enjoys mingling their different properties. When we first saw 'Ultimate NES Remix', which of course was developed by Nintendo, we were instantly entranced. The 'game' is actually a series of mini-games that pushes your instincts, twitch responses, and overall luck. The game is rapid fire and an absolute delight as it takes you through a 'best of' type scenario including all of our favorite characters. We loved the Wii U entries and adding the title to the Nintendo 3DS seemed like a no brainer. Take a look at what we found out!

We already mentioned the 'WarioWare' title above, but we want to stress on it again. 'Ultimate NES Remix' is pretty much a knock off of the aforementioned title. You play challenges in very short bursts, most of which last under a minute in length. These different challenges will often include many small challenges that go alongside your primary objective. The different maps and games are pulled from all of the original Nintendo classics. You will see titles like Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, and even Super Mario Bros. 3 realized on your handheld 3DS. The game functions like a 'best of' series so don't be surprised to see many familiar names and faces. Fans of the more niche NES titles will be left wanting, though, as the game caters to popularity over quality at some point. No 'Wario Woods' for us.

Obviously going from the Wii U to the handheld 3DS will involve some sacrifices. The game is more streamlined and focused than the console edition, but the depth of gameplay is still there. You still have your slew of regular course missions. These will test you with a variety of different gameplay elements. The challenges start off super simple and ramp up in difficulty as you push forward. The challenges in this mode are fun and straightforward but never boring. Some challenges involve you beating up X amount of enemies in 'Super Mario Bros.' while others will have you trying to set lap records in racing titles like 'Excitebike'. The difficulty of these different challenges range based on what you are comfortable with. Some people love the precision based tests while others prefer the time trials. Personally, the time trial challenges get me sweating the fastest. I guess I don't take pressure well from my 3DS. Anyway, this game mode will primarily have you stick to the circle pad or d-pad. There are enough challenges to keep you entertained while never getting dull.

If you are tired o the 'same old same old' then head on over to the Remix Challenges. You don't get the full complement of challenges that you would get on the Wii U, but there are still over 75 challenges for you to take part in. The Remix factor of this challenge mode means that the games are going to be dramatically different than what you are used to. The challenges change with crazy edits that will make you think a little bit harder about what you are doing. For example: Instead of controlling Mario in a game of 'Donkey Kong' you will instead be put into the game with Link. Link can't jump but he still has to find a way to save Pauline, and the barrels keep coming. Or perhaps you will be dropped into a dungeon full of coins as Link and you will need to find a way to get past all of the destroyable bricks. 'Excitebike' changes things, too, by adding bizarre weather twists in order to make everything more difficult. There are a ton of games here, like we said, but they are limited in variety. Those who are familiar with the Wii U release will be upset with what is on offer here. Those who step into the franchise for the first time will likely forgive the limited selection, as they are all entertaining.

If you somehow find your way to collecting all of the stars you will be given the Famicom remix mode as a reward. This game mode has the games altered even more to create a more steep challenge. It is incentive to work and we dug that there was even a reward at the end of the challenge tunnel. We would have been happy with just about anything, so this is a cool little addition.

Completing challenges isn't done just for points. Depending on your score and how you went about beating your challenge, you will be awarded stars. These stars will help you unlock new challenges in the remix Mode as well as new NES games to broaden the appeal of the rest of the title. The more stars you get, the better. Aim for super shiny rainbow stars in order to get the maximum high score. If you are proud of what you just did then you can upload a video replay of your work straight to the internet. This is a crazy feature for a handheld device but it is impressive all the same. The feature also pushes a community aspect which is really nice.

If you get bored playing through the challenge modes by yourself or with nearby friends, head on to the Nintendo World Championships remix. In this mode you will compete against people all over the globe. There are leader boards that track high scores and these give you an incentive to improve upon both your time and your technique. There is also an offshoot 'Super Speed Mario Bros' that you can play. It's a buggy undertaking but it will give you a little bit of fun.

We really enjoyed the time we spent with 'Ultimate NES Remix' on the 3DS. It is a perfect distraction for when you are on a long road trip, or sitting on the train.

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