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22 February 2012

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Uncharted: Golden Abyss on the PS Vita is set prior to the events of the action-packed Uncharted: Drake's Fortune originally released on the PlayStation 3, this prequel from developer Sony Bend Studio tasks you with uncovering the dark secret behind the massacre of a Spanish expedition to Central America some 400 years ago. Caught between the rivalry of old friend, Jason Dante, and Marisa Chase, the granddaughter of an archaeologist who mysteriously vanished, you're going to have to traverse ancient ruins and treacherous jungle terrain in a bid to find out the truth.

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Release Date: 15/06/2012

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Well, Uncharted Golden Abyss has arrived and as a start up game for the Vita it is a welcome addition, it is able to show off the visual capabilities of the PlayStation Vita bringing with it crisp and clear graphics topped off with a touch screen style of gameplay. It is, however, lacking in some aspects as described below.

First off, I say we move to the visuals, you can consider this almost like a PS3 version taken from the console, only this is played on a handheld console system, but the visuals are on a par with the console versions of this game except for a few scenes. The lighting for the background is really well put together.

The gameplay is what much as you would expect from Uncharted, lots of mini puzzles, many clues to work out, gun play fights, and carrying out various quests. There is some clever use of the touch screen as when dust is being removed from old artifacts by rubbing the screen to reveal underlying clues. Grabbing a gun and blasting the enemies is probably the most rewarding aspect of the game. The voice acting is as good as ever and is very believable and sounds great. Hint, if you want to hear the sound as crisp as it could possibly be then use the headphones to do it justice as the sound detail is second to none and actually keeps you more engaged in the gameplay and is in no way a distraction due to the fact that it blends in well with the on screen action.

There is a downside to this title and that would be the fact that you cannot have the multiplayer function which you would expect from such a title. Another failing of the game is the pacing, too many cutscenes which actually become a bit of a nuisance at times. The voice acting sounds superb and so the spoken lines during gameplay could have been a bit more realistic instead of being a little cheesy at times and not doing justice to the voice actor's efforts.

The next problem is the touch screen controls. With the use of the touch screen the game sometimes becomes more awkward, jumping back and forth from touch screen to the gamepad. The other problems with the touch screen in this game are listed below.

1) I cannot see the point of having a touch screen and just repeating what is presented on that screen. In effect you simply have to mimic what you see on screen and for the life of me I cannot understand how this is meant to be fun especially in this type of game.

2) The second problem with adopting this notion is when you have to do these various touch screen actions your hand is in the way of the screen so you don't really experience the enjoyment due to a finger inhibiting your screen view.

There really needs to be more of an element of real thinking involved in playing, rather than simply copying given moves at given times which makes it feel more like going through the motions of watching a film when it should really have been presented much more as normal gameplay. Overall I would give this 7 out of 10, it should have been better and more thought should have gone into the mechanics of the gameplay and the use of the touch screen controls and so offering at least something a little more challenging for the user.

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May 17, 2013

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