Until Dawn - PlayStation 4 Cheats

Unlockable Trophies.

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Unlockable Trophies.

Complete the indicated tasks below in order to unlock the corresponding trophies within the game.

1 Trophy

A Symphony of Horror Trophies (Platinum): You collected all Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies in Until Dawn.

18 Secret Trophies

Ashley Snaps (Silver): Ashley snapped and let Chris die.
Don't Scare Jessica To Death (Silver): Jessica survived her night of terror.
Fatal Grudge (Bronze): Chris chose to shoot Ashley.
Four Daughters Of Darkness (Gold): All of the girls survived until dawn.
Instant Inferno (Silver): Sam immediately flicked the switch to set the lodge ablaze.
Let eM In (Bronze): Mike allowed Emily to stay in the basement.
Night of the Totem Hunter (Gold): The group found all the totems on the mountain.
Scream Too! (Silver): Mike cut off his fingers to free himself from the bear trap.
The Exorcism of Emily (Bronze): Mike shot Emily.
The Fateful Descent (Gold): The group found all the clues from the 1952 Clueline.
The Psycho Path (Silver): Sam or Ashley attacked the psycho with a weapon.
The Quicker Man (Gold): All the boys escaped death.
The Skilful Wolf Man (Gold): Mike kept the wolf alive throughout the Sanatorium.
The Tale of The Two Sisters (Gold): The group found all the clues from the Twins Clueline.
They All Live (Gold): All eight friends survived until dawn.
This Is THE End (Gold): Nobody survived until dawn.
You Let The Wrong One In! (Bronze): Ashley or Chris opened the trap door and let the monster in.
You Opened Their Eyes (Gold): The group found all the clues from the Mystery Man Clueline.