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04 May 2007

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In Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom, a solo or cooperative journey through 20 levels of magic, corruption, and battle await players. Beginning after escaping a tyrant king, gamers choose a mage, scout, or warrior to play as their character. The goal is to work through each level and eventually overthrow the rotten ruler. Each selection has ten avatar specific skills and weapons to upgrade as the story progresses. Up to four gamers may connect to the PlayStation network and complete the game together, and players may download additional content such as multiplayer missions, story arcs, and items for use in-game.

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Dureth is the Dark Kingdom packed with sorcery, swords and magic. It is ruled by Halaskar, the king you serve while you are one of the members of the elite military squad, Dragon’s Shade. Your military squad has been stationed outside the kingdom and words reached you that the kingdom is laden with treachery and corruption which compelled you to return to your kingdom where you saw vile and corruption. Your king is possessed with evil forces and you need to find the source of these forces to destroy it and restore order to your kingdom. There are some interesting characters along the way and butchering all over. Although these massacres are presented mechanically, they still add darkness to the entire gaming environment.

The game starts by allowing you to choose your character among the three heroes; the warrior, the scout and the mage. All of them have their own weaknesses and strengths and their own sets of power which they can access four at a time. The game features the usual caves, dungeons, ancient tombs and abandoned villages and has to combat with predictable antagonists such as zombies, demons and golems. Although there are some treasure chests to hunt along the way, all in all, the game is predictable and rather traditional.

The game does not provide weapons that you can choose from so from the start of the game right to the end, you will be using the same basic weapon and the same forms of attack. Along the way you will get gems and magic spells to improve your strength and power but they do not make the game exciting or even more challenging. Dark Kingdom can take up to 12 hours to complete but using the same basic combat can make you feel bored. The only thing that somehow adds excitement to this game is the ability of a second player to join in and leave the game at will or play the game online where up to four players can play through the game. When you play the game online, you’d have to play a different character which means that online and offline games are not in any way connected and any stage you reach online cannot be credited offline.

As a whole, the graphics of Untold Legends Dark Kingdom can be impressive but you cannot ignore its limited and stiff movements and the surroundings are narrow. There are also lull moments in the game although its background music is something to reckon. If you want to be impressed, forget about this PlayStation 3 game because it just might disappoint you.

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