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02 October 2009

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Journey through the undiscovered jungles of South America, in Up the videogame on the PSP. You can control Russell, Carl, Dug the talking dog and a female bird named Kevin, or you can play with a friend through the entire game. Aided by Russell’s wilderness knowledge, the four characters must work together to navigate treacherous jungle terrain, combat exotic animals and avoid being captured. Each character has special abilities that help in their journey. During the game, you will explore exciting environments, overcome obstacles and battle beasts in an effort to stop Muntz from capturing Kevin.

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This game is much like the Lego games, with only two characters at a time and both must be active so as to solve puzzles and overcome your enemies. The graphics in this game are ugly, blurry and undefined, far worse than they should be on a PSP. The music is just like it is in the movie UP which is a plus for the game.

The characters each have their own unique abilities to help them on their South American journey of exploration. Carl can grab on high ridges with his cane and can use his other abilities to scare off enemies; he can hit enemies with his golf club and he can use his torch to light a dark cave. Russell uses grappling hooks to attach ropes, he is a mirror to the blind enemies and can pick up heavy objects that Carl cannot.

The game however has some technical problems that restrain the main objective from being fully achieved. At times the AI controlled partner will make playing the game real difficult and you will have problems progressing with the game. When they get on your way, at times they can cause you to miss a jump. At other times they will stick behind, following you wherever you go to even when you don't want their company. You will also find this other major problem at times it is extremely easy to miss a jump because of the gauche angles. When a box is place at the edge of alevel, the camera may not give a good view as there is an angle and this can be dangerous to you.

You will also encounter some silly mini-games in every level of the game. You may be involved in collecting spiders, or playing squash. One good thing worth noting about this game is that you cannot die. If you are hit by an enemy or you miss a jump, all you do is loose energy and since there are plenty of fruits scattered all over, you can reenergize and get back on your feet. If the fruits run out then you may not be able to do things that can expose you to death.

Apart from plot forming there are another three game plays in the game: a canoe section, being tethered to a house, and aerial dog fight sections while in small planes.

The game is easy to play and will be ideal for children. It has good mechanics which are simple and easy to learn.

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Jul 9, 2014

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