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21 September 2007

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Warhawk on PlayStation 3 continues Sony's futuristic flight combat franchise 12 years after the original swooped and barrel-rolled its way onto PlayStation. Once again the game involves piloting a heavily armed aircraft in a war between two fictitious factions. Pilots have the option to use the motion-sensitive Sixaxis controller to fly their ship, allowing them to pitch, yaw, and roll simply by tilting the input device in different directions. Unlike the original, which only featured a single-player campaign, Warhawk on PS3 is an online multiplayer title supporting up to 32 combatants.

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The original Warhawk was a game on the PlayStation 1 that introduced warhawks, fighter jets that have the capability to convert to a hover mode, and then back into jets again. That game idea was brought to the next level in this game, where the warhawk is only one of the many vehicles you can drive.

In addition to driving vehicles around, there are also a bunch of guns that can be picked up. When your player spawns at one of the bases strewn throughout the map, there is usually a cache of weapons nearby so that you can properly arm yourself before venturing into battle. In addition, bases have tanks, jeeps, and warhawks that you can jump into. There are also turrets surrounding the bases that allow you to throw up flak and seeking missiles at enemy warhawks.

While this online-only game only has five maps, they are all extremely large to account for the large numbers of players that could potentially be flying jets around. In addition, maps can be set up to allow different number of players in. These settings completely change how each map plays, depending on how many people are in the level. There is also a dogfight setting that increases the numbers of warhawks on the map.

There are a couple of different play modes that are accessible. Team deathmatch is pretty much the same as in other shooting games, as is capture the flag. Zones mode is essentially domination, with the added caveat that if you are holding adjacent bases, they can link up and increase the number of points you acquire over time. There is also a deathmatch mode, but this game was really made to play with teammates, so this mode is somewhat lacking in enjoyment. If you happen to have a friend over, they can play too with a split-screen mode. The game also has support for LAN parties.

One of the greatest things about this game is the extremely long-range draw distance. There are maps where you can see for distances that are essentially true-to-life, look down the barrel of a sniper scope, and end someone who, literally, never even saw it coming. The long distances you can look are thrilling, and add an air of realism to this game over others.

Warhawk is a new take on the third-person shooter, allowing players to engage in massive multiplayer battles. With access to hovering jets and other vehicles, a ton of different weapons that are all balanced very well, and draw distances that appear realistic, this game will suck you in and not let you out until every last Warhawk is destroyed.

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