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30 September 2014

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Watch Dogs: Bad Blood will see players take the role of T-Bone Grady, the legendary and eccentric hacker and Aiden Pearce's trusted comrade. Now on the run from Blume, T-Bone only has two choices: flee and start a new life elsewhere, or fight Blume to save an old friend. Face your shady past on your road to redemption. 'Bad Blood' seeks to fix some of the most glaring problems that many fans had with the series and, for the most part, it succeeded. Let's take a long, hard, look at 'Bad Blood' in order to decide if it is worth the purchase for you.

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'Watch Dogs: Bad Blood' on the Xbox One is a piece of follow up downloadable content that was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. The DLC was packed on to the original 'Watch Dogs' game that was released back in November of 2014. 'Watch Dogs' is a unique sandbox shooter that brought all sorts of gameplay elements together to create what should have been an inspiring package. However, the lack of solid actors and the muddled story brought many fans to the edge and thus the game was met with varying lukewarm reviews. 'Bad Blood' seeks to fix some of the most glaring problems that many fans had with the series and, for the most part, it succeeded. Let's take a long, hard, look at 'Bad Blood' in order to decide if it is worth the purchase for you.

More than just a reskin..

'Watch Dogs' is an open world action game that focuses on a single hacker, Aiden Pierce, in the fictionalized version of Chicago, Illinois. The story follows you as you seek to find vengeance for the incidental death of your niece. You roam through the slums of Chicago, the urban city, and even the open countryside as you seek to fulfill your mission. You are what is considered a 'grey hat' hacker and a vigilante. Throughout the game you run into a host of interesting characters that either help or hinder your progress. On the whole the story is rather superficial despite some of the interesting elements. The thought of a city completely connected by ctOS (Central Operating System) was interesting but the practical recreation of it in the game was far from the science fiction juggernaut we were expecting.

'Bad Blood' decides to disregard the majority of the original story in order to follow T-Bone. You may remember T-Bone from the original game due to the fact that he was one of the few characters with a lot of color in his personality.

Upon booting up the game it is hard no to immediately fall in love with T-Bone. He is as stark in contrast to Aiden Pierce as you are likely to find. T-Bone, real name Raymond Kenney, is full of humor to go along with his action sensibilities. His dreadlocks and trucker hat are a welcome anachronism to the furious butt kicking that he lays down on the various baddies that get in his way. His one liners and subtle jokes are awesome and they help fill out the experience of what could have been an equally bland expansion to the original game. He isn't a poet and he isn't a revolutionary but he is a character, and that is really what we wanted all along.

The game sets up shop right after the narrative finishes in the vanilla version of the game. T-Bone is ready to hit the highway and ditch the grid that Chicago kept him on, but things don't go quite how they should. Do they ever? Loose ends emerge from his past and T-bone is sent back into the heart of the city to tie them all up. Thus begins the story, as bland as it is.

Much like the original game you will be tasked to head to different spots on the map in order to accept your new missions. There is a whole new array of potentially interesting characters but they exist as little more than quest givers and item fetching companions. In a sandbox world we want to feel alive and immersed, but that is impossible when the other inhabitants of our world are merely cut outs tasked with feeding us mundane missions.

Speaking of the missions, prepare for nothing new to really happen. You will follow the same sort of hacking, stealth base, and shoot out filled quests that pushed you to the limits of your patience as Aiden. T-Bone has a few cool tricks up his sleeves but nothing ever really feels at stake. You've simply done it all before. We will give props to the devs for including a remote control toy car armed with a taser. The results of that little weapon are never surprising and always entertaining.

Despite the fact that there are no real new skills to develop, the ones that are available are deep and varied. You can spend time progressing through the skill tree as you turn T-Bone into a true force to be messed with. While it is nice to see out dreaded bumpkin turn into a borderline super hero, the fact that these same things were done by Aiden merely takes some of the joy out of it. The sense of surprise and adventure that comes with a new title just isn't here, and that's too bad. We honestly feel like the original title would have benefited if it had put T-Bone in place of Aiden.

While you will spend a lot of time retreading old ground in new costume there are some genuine changes that provide decent entertainment. The co-op mode features a slew of optional missions that can be found throughout the map. They are simplistic in their objectives but they allow you to invite an online friend to come complete them with you. It's a simple little thing but it does add depth and texture to the experience. Whether your buddy is great at the game or not makes little difference, as the outcome should be entertaining.

At the end of our experience with 'Bad Blood' we felt relatively conflicted. On one hand we had probably just gotten the most complete package that 'Watch Dog' could offer, but on the other it was nothing really new. We had a more interesting protagonist, a nice little bulking up to the multiplayer mode, and a few new missions put on the side. And this is perhaps the biggest problem with the game. No matter how polished and playable the product is, you can't go very far with a simplistic vehicle. The storyline is too far behind the rest of the games strengths to keep us tuned in. It's a good piece of DLC but it is attached to a mediocre title.

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