Whispering Willows - PlayStation 4 Cheats

Unlockable Trophies.

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Unlockable Trophies

Complete the following tasks outlined below in order to unlock the PlayStation trophy rewards.

Fantastic Amphibian (Bronze): Find the amazing frog.
It's a Me, Boo (Bronze): Find the Secret Room.
Knight Light (Bronze): Solve the Knight Puzzle.
Light Light (Bronze): Find the Night Light logo.
Rest Your Soul (Bronze): Rest at a bonfire.
Sixth Sense (Silver): Beat the Game.
This S*** is Bananas (Bronze): Find the Animax logo.
What does the Fox Say? (Bronze): Find the fox.

11 Secret Trophies.

First Contact (Bronze): Meet Flying Hawk.
Family Reunion (Bronze): Find Your Dad.
Flower Power (Bronze): Escape the Garden Maze.
Free Bird (Silver): Set Flying Hawk Free.
Give Them A Hand (Bronze): Escape the Basement.
I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost (Bronze): Escape the Catacombs.
Irish He Was Alive (Bronze): Set Darby Free.
Itsy Bitsy (Bronze): Escape the Trophy Room.
Ready Corset Ghost! (Bronze): Set Fleur free.
What Ghost Up Must Come Down (Bronze): Create a path for Elena.
Wine Not (Bronze): Open the Wine Cellar Passage.