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08 October 2010

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Wii Party is a fun, multiplayer experience for everyone in the family that features your Mii characters in the midst of the action. Now Nintendo brings the fun from the TV and into the living room with Wii Party, a game that changes the way people interact with other players to get the results they want in the game. Featuring 13 different party game modes and over 80 minigames, Wii Party can be enjoyed by everyone in the family, regardless of age. Some House Party games include, Animal Tracker, Hide 'n' Hunt, Derby Dash, Chop Chops and various Multiplayer Modes.

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Finding a great game for a family or party setting is always something of a chore, but when I saw Wii Party for the Nintendo Wii console I decided to give the title a shot. The mechanics of the actual game are a bit all over the map, essentially this is a take on the great Mario Party titles of the past that remove the dreadful board game style of play. That is to say, Wii Party is a bunch of mini-games rolled into one complete playing experience.

One to four players can enjoy a variety of the miniature games, which are suited to just about every age level. The game uses simple tasks like landing on a planet, swinging from a vine, or even a version of whack-the-mole to entertain the most demanding of gamers. Like many titles these days, Wii Party has a variety of modes available for group play.

A tournament mode will pit all the players against each other in massive dash for first place, and a mode that lets players select and jump from one mini-game to the next provides unending entertainment. The title also provides a few fun games, one of which is having one player hide the Wii controllers around the room in order to have the other players locate them. This version of hide and seek is made a bit less complicated because the controllers make sounds like animals periodically.

The real win of Wii Party is the control schemes. Every mini-game uses some variation of the Wii controller, which means players do not have to hunt around for Nunchuk controllers to complete the experience. The directional pad and the buttons are used in either vertical wand-like movements or traditional side scrolling variations. Before every game the controls for all the players (some games are one versus three, two versus two, etc.), and Nintendo has even given players a practice option before diving right in.

Wii Party accommodates one or two players that want to play a four player mini-game by including computerized opponents with a selectable skill level. The frustrating part about play options with this particular game is that a Mii is pretty much required, which means anybody stopping by to check out the game will need to create one before playing or jump on a guest Mii.

As for the mini-games themselves, they are an interesting mix of genres. Players find themselves shooting cans in the air in one match, running away from zombies in another, riding a train down a track, and even collecting coins in a few different ways. While the replay factor is high, at least until all the games have been played a few times, Wii Party can feel a bit stale after a few matches. This is a title for casual gamers looking to spend thirty minutes to pass the time, a family looking to have a few laughs, or for a birthday party where anyone can pick up the controller and play.

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