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29 October 2010

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WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 is the fourth entry in THQ's best-selling pro wrestling series on PlayStation 3 allowing players greater freedom in designing their characters, storylines, finishing moves, and match types. More than 70 pro wrestlers, male and female, are included, along with over 100 match variants. Highlights include "Hell in a Cell," "Money in the Bank," and "Tables, Ladders & Chairs." A new physics system is included to heighten the game's realism, and the "Road to WrestleMania" mode has been retooled to incorporate new storylines, free-roaming locker rooms, and impromptu matches.

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The new concept integrated in SVR 2011 is the WWE universe. It is an integration of the Career and the Exhibition modes. When playing in this mode you have to follow the cycle of the WWE calendar. You have the chance to create rivalries and havoc on the ring. This mode lets you earn your title, which is not that easy, as you need to climb the ranks and be a contender for the WWE belt. The game throws random challenges at you as you try to become champion; like maybe the chairman of the WWE lets you fight multiple opponents in a certain match, for example.

You can likewise create your own wrestler and put some attributes to come up with a masterpiece kind of a wrestler. With your created wrestler, you can journey through the entire WWE universe (hence, the mode title). You can even be in Wrestlemania and any other pay per view events you fancy. ThereÂ’s an interesting twist in this mode: itÂ’s like playing an RPG style game as you are allowed to create the situation for your player. You can have conversations and you can listen, as well, to help you make the right decision; or you could turn up all bloodied and injured if you made a wrong choice. You have to be cunning and cautious focus only on yourself. You are also allowed to do ambush attacks to make your opponents feel that you are the real deal.

The real hard concept of the mode is the need to increase the level of your character so that you can wrestle at Wrestlemania. You have to join and participate in brawls to raise your level up fast.

The concept of WWE Universe is truly unique with the modeÂ’s integration as part of the strategy to possess the different storylines of the real WWE. From the Undertaker to Randy OrtonÂ’s mind games to EdgeÂ’s quests of the WWE championship, the gangÂ’s all here in this new mode.

The game controls are quite a challenge to the player, especially when playing against another player. There are restrictions to the controls that make it even tougher to perform different moves. The complicated controls may eventually prompt you to do repetitive moves. The moves have fewer factors to gain victory in the game. Even if you choke-slam the opponent but he has not yet been severely injured, the move does not result into an automatic pin. You have to really hurt your opponent constantly, always aiming to end the game with the finishing moves that you can only use when your opponent is already intolerably weak.

There are some changes with fight types as well. The Hell-in-a-Cell match has been changed so that the cage now depicts a much more realistic atmosphere. There are fewer restrictions for the characters, especially in the new mode WWE Universe. The game has changed to let the players experience true to life sequences of a WWE superstar. The last new piece in SVR 2011 is that it can be played online. This creates more chances for players to play together. They can use the Royal Rumble matches and some Tag Team matches to maximize the online part of the game. The one hitch here that can sometimes get frustrating is it lags a lot when played online.

All in all, the new gameÂ’s greatest loophole is that the concept is still the same with the past SVR. SVR 2010 is like a replica of SVR 2011 in so many ways, except for the new mode and bits and pieces of insignificant changes. A number of improvements could have been done in SVR 2011 but the developers chose to only touch on some aspects. The repetitious environment can become a weakness, that may hurt the gameÂ…some.

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