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11 November 2011

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Zoo Resort 3D is a "tycoon"-style management strategy game, in which players aim to create happy homes for rare and exotic animals, while establishing and running a profitable tourist destination. Players lay out their park grounds to provide the distinct habitats required in each exhibit, while also insuring park visitors can get a good look at each animal attraction. From regions all around the world, more than one hundred different species are available in the game, though many must be unlocked for play. The more rarer animals the player can obtain and keep, the more visitors will come visit the park, helping to fund future exhibits. As each new species is unlocked for adoption, trivia and other interesting facts become available for browsing.

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In Zoo Resort 3D for the 3DS, the player gets to build a world-class zoo destination by first choosing your animals, hiring staff and entertaining visitors with your animal’s talents. There are over 100 realistic 3D animals to collect and discover to bring to your zoo to life, from penguins, lions and elephants to even extinct animals, each with lifelike movements and noises.

Looking at the outside of the box of Zoo Resort 3D on the 3DS, many people may get the impression or think it is just a zoo management simulation game, but the actual mechanics of the game may portray this, the game is far from your typical management simulator but does adopt elements from this genre type.

The player starts the game by inheriting a small run down zoo that is in need of much work to make it a viable business, as the player and the new owner of the zoo, the player must bring in many more animals, put on entertainment and facilities and even create an online blog to promote it. The narrative is easy to follow and serves as a guide for the player to manage the zoo and make improvements as he sees fit and proper. Or to put it another way, the player main objective is to increase the overall size of the business in whatever way he/she sees fit, which would obviously benefit the overall business moving forward.

Players are given just one elephant and a zoo full of empty enclosures awaiting to be packed out with various animals as the game plays out. The animals must be placed in the existing pre-built enclosures and there is no facility to make changes to the layout of the zoo which is a shame. The tutorial will guide and advise the player on expanding the zoo by buying more animals, caring for them and breeding other animals from them. The open interface guide is simple to use and incredibly well designed with no misleading information which is a refreshing change. More so because I expected the same old routine after reading the storyline, very little scope and imagination, typical story being like other titles, you inherit a zoo, or farm, shop, it would have been nice to have a storyline that was thought out, rather than hashing of old games with similar themes.

Most of the player's time is spent gaining the trust of the animals, learning all about their character and moods and presenting them to the visitors. Feeding the animals is a great time for making friends with the animals and an easy way to lure them to where you want them to go. Photographing the animals in different lighting situations, while they are eating or just moving around will give the player plenty of content to post on their in game blog. Using the Circle Pad and the Y button or the 3DS gyroscopic controls the player can zoom in or out for better pictures or swing the camera to locate an animal for a perfect shot.

Points are earned as the number of visitors increase and the bonding experience gets closer. Food is unlocked so players can feed the animals and new animals can be bought with points. Challenges will give the player more rewards and if the player loves photography then the game will keep the player entertained for hours.

Overall, Zoo Resort 3D for the 3DS doesn’t really offer anything different to other titles which give the player to option to manage things, perhaps that Is a good thing, I suppose the old saying is, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

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