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09 November 2012

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Zumba Fitness Core is the latest release in the best-selling video game franchise that has sold more than seven million players on the exhilarating Zumba Fitness interactive workout. Skip the crunches and strengthen your core with the only game designed to sculpt your abs through an exhilarating total-body workout. This energizing dance-fitness experience features 40 hot tracks and over 30 dance styles so you can party your abs off without ever getting down on the floor. The game includes smash hits from today’s hottest artists like Enrique Iglesias, Karmin, Sean Paul, Kat DeLuna, Tiesto, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals and Don Omar.

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Release Date: 06/12/2013

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Ever since hitting the main stream fitness circuit in the mid 1990s, it is hard pressed to find a gym that does not offer Zumba classes on a regular basis. Zumba gained popularity by its ability to make working out more fun for those who naturally detest traditional cardio and weight training. Though Zumba work out DVDs have been available for years, Nintendo Wii attempts to cash in on the Zumba dance craze with a series of games that promises to get the player moving and grooving, all while working out major muscle groups and toning the core.

The latest Zumba game offered by Nintendo is Zumba Core. Released in October, 2012, Zumba Core is said to offer new choreography that has specifically been designed to target the notoriously difficult core area, all while maximizing the cardio and toning benefits to the rest of the body. There are dozens of new songs as well as additional dance styles which enable the player to dance to disco, funk and celtic bluegrass music, if they feel so inclined.

Of course, there is the belt that comes with the game to hold the controller in, enabling the Wii to detect the accuracy of players' dance moves. While the belt serves it's purpose, it is a function that any old belt can also do. No need to buy multiple belts for multiple players, simply grab a few regular belts and make sure that the Wii remote is firmly in place.

While Zumba is a fun workout to do by one's self, it is even more entertaining when there are multiple players. Though it seems cheesy, when there's three or four players, a Zumba workout can quickly feel like a dance party. Working out to Zumba Core with friends can quickly bring out one's competitive side as well, since players are rated at the end of each dance.

The calorie and progress tracker is a great feature, as it can be helpful to visualize calories burned during play. Overall, Zumba Core is a great game, that can really help motivate people to work out, especially people who don't particularly like a traditional style of working out. It can be a wonderful way to spend time with friends and can be a great way to squeeze exercise into a busy day. Though Zumba Core promises to deliver moves which target the core area, it was difficult to differentiate the moves presented in this game with any of the previous Zumba Wii games. There was no real dramatic difference in abdominal muscles, even after several weeks of regular game play.

Unless someone is seriously committed to a lifestyle change, including incorporating a healthy diet and exercise routine into one's life, she should not expect occasional game play of Zumba Core to dramatically change a soft belly into a hardened six pack. However, Zumba Core can be a great way to ease into a healthy fitness routine and have fun with friends.

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