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01 April 2011

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Zumba Fitness: Join the Party for the Wii pairs red hot international dance steps with sexy Latin music to create an ultra fun fitness party on your console that’s focused on the joy of movement. Follow along as Zumba instructors Tanya, Gina and Beto (Zumba’s creator) guide you through more than 30 routines that will make you forget you are even exercising. Players will be able to team up and try to earn the highest workout score as a group or play against each other in Zumba Attack! Mode for the ultimate fitness dance off with up to four players.

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Release Date: 06/12/2013

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The Zumba fitness Wii version is just right for those who had been attending zumba classes or those who had a complete DVD set series because they can just start immediately without taking prior lessons. But to those who are new to the idea or those people who will join the club for the first time through the Wii version they will surely find the instructions not so cooperative or engaging to their queries.

At first, it is a common knowledge that after inserting the disc the program will facilitate the Wii System Update that will enable the person to use the game. Then there will be a display of the A button which will allow the player to select the different areas via the + button. But after the two simple guides the hard parts will appear.

The official game instruction is to make a player since it is the way of the game to use the different areas. This only means that the player needs to acquire a log in ID since he will not be allowed to use his own self as the main player. After making a log in ID or the Character, the instructions are already not clarified. There are no specific instructions on where to go next. The program will not inform the player if the log in ID is verified already. The player will need to turn off the game and turn back on to know that he needs to go back to the main menu for main game instructions.

After finally realizing to go back to the main menu, there the player can find the commands such as work out program, edit character and using the Workout Calendar the player can customize any workout routine. The good things about the game are the following; free size and adjustable Velcro belt which will hold the Wii remote, with variety of dance routines and moves that a player can choose such as the Multiplayer, Single Routine, Zumba Class, Zumba Party and within each there are also other selections, it has four settings for the game such as the Factory, Night Club, Rooftop and Stadium and the game has almost fifteen tutorials.

But the instructors in the tutorials are fully computer generated which designs tend to mix with surroundings of the game and it will be difficult for the player to follow especially when it progresses to faster mode. All the player can do during the tutorials is to try to follow the dance routines but the program will never let the player know if he is doing the steps right or if he is following poorly. The bad thing about the game is the poor tutorial program.

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